Windshield Replacements

It’s important to understand what quality means in auto glass!

Lifetime Warranty

Every single one of our repair and replacements come with a lifetime warranty protecting you against defective glass or faulty installation. What that means to you is that you can rest easy knowing that if we made a mistake, we will own up to it and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Did the chip repair fail? Yikes, that doesn’t happen often! Let’s use the money paid to us for the repair towards a new windshield or your deductible, whichever is less.

Stress cracking or leaking on your windshield? Let’s hope not! We will still stand by our lifetime warranty.

Remember: At Zen, we strive to continuously improve, so you can guarantee we are always looking for ways to eliminate the stress and worry of broken glass.

The Right Auto Glass

The type of glass used on your windshield replacement is very important. Some auto glass shops try to use the cheapest glass they can find, in order to pass the savings off to you, the consumer. We would rather charge a premium and only use high grade glass such as Pilkington, FYG or Sekurit. These companies manufacture the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass for automobile companies. Make no mistake, the glass we use is OEM quality, but it is not OEM glass. We are able to use factory glass, if it is requested and properly paid for.

High Quality Urethane

Your windshield is held in place using a industrial-strength adhesive called urethane. We prefer to use Sika brand urethane on all of our windshield installations. Our Sika has a quicker curing time, meaning it’s safe to drive your vehicle 60 minutes after the installation has taken place. When fully cured, our urethane has been tested to pull apart at 1,000 pounds, increasing the safety and durability of every windshield installation we perform.

Premium Molding

Most windshields have a rubber strip that wraps around the top and sides, called a molding. The molding itself is mostly for looks, it does nothing to prevent leaking. However, a cheap molding can make the entire installation look pretty poor. We only use premium moldings to guarantee that every installation is as close to factory as we can get it!

Correct Prepwork

The part of the vehicle where the windshield sits is called the pinch weld. Once the old windshield is removed, there will be old urethane along the pinch weld. This MUST be removed and cleaned prior to doing any more work. If the pinch weld has any scratches in the metal, a primer must be used to prevent any rust build up. If there is rust, it must be treated properly to avoid any leaking.

Proper Seaming

Finally, a new bead of urethane must be laid along the pinch weld, using Sika brand adhesive. This step and incorrect setting of the new windshield are the primary causes of leaks. Connecting points of the bead must be “seamed” together to better create a uniform line of glue along the pinch weld.

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